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MU Ignition Reveals Launch Date

MU Ignition News - Image

The launch of a new MU title is coming later this month, in the form of browser game MU Ignition. It will allow players to jump right in without a client starting January 23rd. The registration for the launch can be found on the link below, from January 16th through January 22nd. Players can pre-register for MU Ignition and receive special rewards, consisting of Black Copper x2, Zen x20,000,000, Jewel of Bless x15, Jewel of Soul x10, Basic Mount Feed x10, Magic Crystal I x10 and Resurrection Stone x5. Players who share the MU Ignition trailer on Facebook will also receive the additional rewards of Bound Gem x200, Black Copper x2, Relic Refining Stone x10, Rare Soul x10, Jewel of Bless x10 and Jewel of Life x5.

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