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MU Ignition Launches Their Second Content Update

MU Ignition - 2nd Update - Image

The second content update is here for Webzen’s Browser-Based MMO, MU Ignition. New features include the imprint system, polish system, mount skills and a variety of other updates. Players that are level 300 or higher can benefit from 2-option Excellent equipment of any class by imprinting it and activating the imprint bonus. Imprinted equipment will increase stats, and higher imprint grades can be activated when imprinting Excellent equipment. In addition, a new Polish System is also available. Players can reset Excellent Options of an Archangel weapon by consuming a non-Excellent Archangel weapon. Players can save time and effort greatly with this system and even choose whether to apply the polishing result or not.

Better rewards await in the Secret Vault, AFK battle became a bit more convenient, event requirements have been loosened to make them more accessible. Additionally, the MU Ignition team will be running a special event “Daemon of the Sea.” Monsters with Level 150 or above will randomly drop a “Torpedo” item from March 14 to March 15, 2018. All players can use the item to attack the merman “Triton” and randomly receive various rewards including Condor’s Fire, Triton Potion, Free Pass and more. Also, players who reduce the Triton’s HP bar will obtain a “Kundun’s Chest.”

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