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Mobile MMORPG ‘Team Guardian’ launches on iOS Globally

Team Guardian News - News Image

Team Guardian was already live on Google Play and was in the top 10 in many countries. Now it’s live on iOS devices! Players can join guilds representing the nation of their choice all around the world, flagging their own national flag within the game itself. They can do this on the same server, so friends anywhere can team up. It’s a 3D MMORPG that’s converting from a PC online game to a mobile game. Collect 30 different characters, each being unique and fun (23 are available as of the end of September) and Real-time PVP allows people across the world the work together and destroy their enemies!

Pictosoft said “Team Guardian is going to deliver dynamic fun through new contents and enhanced PVP system to provide unique action RPG experiences. We will actively listen any suggestion from players and will keep updating the game. I hope more players could enjoy our games.”

Players interested can find it on the Apple Store at the link below.

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