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Mobile FPS Game of Sniper Set to Launch on May 12th

Mobile FPS Game of Sniper Set to Launch on May 12th Post Header

Awards winning company Beijing Autothink Technology Co.,LTD announces the upcoming release of its premier FPS mobile game “Game of Sniper” to English speaking countries. The game has won numerous awards in China including GMIC’s “Best Mobile Game of the Year 2015”, “Best Single Player Shooting Game in 2015” from Jing Peng Award as well as many others. The game is slated for release on May 12, 2015.
Game of Sniper is the company’s debut game to English speaking countries. “Players will be able to feel like a military fighter for justice, blasting every target and fighting against the boss of terrorist organizations,” Jian Sun, CEO of the company said.
The world is in peril: terrorism is rising, hostages are taken, minds are plagued with fear. Be a hero, only you can end this all! Keep improving your skill to open different modes and engage in a moving story with regular updates. Get all your weapons and bullets and get ready for extreme hunting!
Millions of players already play this game in other countries, so you will never feel bored! Lets have a little sneak peak of some features:

  • • 3D Angle Shooting
  • • Magnificent 3D panoramic map
  • • Provoking story and fierce gun battles
  • • Varieties of powerful guns and equipments
  • • Rescue hostages and grow your skills

Game Guide:

  • • Attack – Tap the enemy to enter Sniper View, slip the screen to adjust and tap to fire
  • • Exit Sniper Mode – Tap Non-cross area to exit sniper mode
  • • Aim – Move the scroll bar to aim the target

Items provided to players:

  • • Health – Supplement blood
  • • Sniper Rifle – 10 different kinds of sniper rifle with different degrees of damage.
  • • Military Uniform – Protect you from damage for a certain time.
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