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MMO Fractured Reveals Universe and Exploration

Fractured - Main Image

The second Fractured Feature Spotlight is here, we learn more about the three planets that are featured heavily in Fractured: Arboreus, Syndesia, and Tartaros. It was formerly one planet but was split into three by the Fracture. Through magical means, they revolve around the sun in what’s known as the Elysium System. This game will feature a solar year, to make it feel more real, to create three different gaming experiences, and creates a myriad of possible game mechanics. It also explains some of the races of these planets, from the Beastmen of Arboreus, the Demons of Tartaros, and the more human race on Syndesia. Travel, Exploration, and Fast Travel are also included. The full details can be found in the link below, and Fractured promises to be quite the ambitious MMO.

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