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Mighty Party Legendary Party Update Announced

Mighty Party Legendary Party Update Announced

Panoramik Inc is pleased to announce the Legendary Party Update for free to play card strategy MMORPG Mighty Party. “Legendary Party” makes a variety of changes designed to introduce a lot of new features and modes such as new Legendary League, new Events with special rewards, the new opportunity to boost cards, new great currency called Friend Coins and new one-time-per-day feature to spend it for Pal Points, Gold, Cards and others.

Legendary Party promises to be so cool that it will turn Mighty Party upside down in a good way, of course. So let’s take a look on some of the modifications.

  • Legendary League: All players that achieve League 1 will be moved to the Legendary League. Players will be ranked according to their Match Making Rating based on Elo Rating System. At the beginning of a new month Match Making Rating will be reset, but players won’t be moved from Legendary League. Season-end rewards for Legendary League players will be based on their ladder place. (Legendary League will be added with the start of a new season.)
  • Brawl: A new PVP mode accessible via “Fight” with different rewards: Cards, Gold, Friend Coins, Pal Points, “Journey Keys” etc. Chests still can be obtained via regular PVP fights only. Players get opponents from the same League Level, but they won’t lose Fame in a case of failure.
  • Events: One-day Quests that has a special currency as a reward for completing them. This currency can be spent on cards in the Event Shop.
  • Boosts: Players can sacrifice their cards to get Gold Dust. Gold Dust can be spent to give any card temporary +1 Promote Level.
  • Friend Coins and Friend Shop: This currency can be dropped from any chest. The player can buy different items (Pal Points, Gold, Cards, Chest Time Boosters etc) in Friend Shop that will be sent to all his friends, but the player won’t get the purchased item. This feature can be used only one time per day. Previous Friend Gifts feature was removed. Card request system wasn’t changed.
  • Master Levels in Journey: All Bosses in Journey will get Master Levels. Every five wins Journey Boss will be promoted to the next level. His HP will be increased and all cards in his squad will get +1 Promote Level. The maximum Master Level for each Boss is 21. Card rewards will be increased accordingly, Ancient Coin reward won’t be changed.

Beside above-mentioned innovations, developers have mentioned more changes connected with Journey Shop and bosses, Arenas’ balance, Survival mode and a lot of cards.

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