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MicroVolts announced

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MicroVolts, a new MMO third person shooter from Rock Hippo, has been announced for a yet undated release. This release is a localized version of H.A.V.E. Online.

MicroVolts appears to be very player versus player centric. Players will control puppet characters which will be fully customizable and can grow and progress with a typical MMO leveling system. Several game modes will be supported, including Deathmatch team battle and item battle, and Weapon Restriction. Leaderboards will also be available to track player’s statistics as they compete amongst each other.

The Original Press Release:

Rock Hippo sign deal with SK-imedia for North America and Europe publishing

Markham, Canada 7th June 2010 – Rock Hippo Productions Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with SK-imedia to publish upcoming fast and furious MMO-TPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) MicroVolts in North America and Europe territories.

Originally titled H.A.V.E. Online, and renamed MicroVolts, it features vibrant gameplay and thrilling action. Check out the official website at that features the latest information on the title and a high quality teaser-video of the game.

Rock Hippo’s Vice president Jeff Friedman commented: “MicroVolts is a fabulous title and we believe it will be a great success in North American and Europe markets with its superb character system, excellent gameplay qualities and innovative style and presentation.”

SK-imedia’s Director Jun Lee “MicroVolts we believe will successfully transfer from Asia to North America and Europe markets through our partnership with Rock Hippo and SK-imedia expects the title will provide endless hours of fun to users with its high quality game content.”

MicroVolts is a highly charged online shooter that offers an innovative Third Person approach over the traditional First Person shooter, making it easier to play and more fun to watch while offering extra excitement and intensity. Among a thriving number of different weapons, characters, levels and fast paced gameplay, another of the games unique feature is the possibility to customize your character. With literally thousands of cosmetic items either purchasable or freely available, no one character must look the same.

Each individual player’s statistics are logged and MicroVolts also gives the opportunity to level up so your character becomes an even more feared opponent in the fun-to-play levels. MicroVolts takes place in a fun environment that features the battle of puppets vs. puppets. Watch from Third Person perspective how your own puppet handles the Gatling Gun and wreaks havoc among the enemy puppets.
Game modes include Deathmatch team battle, Deathmatch item battle, Weapon restriction battles and many more, while also featuring various maps designed by toy concept. For more information about MicroVolts, please visit

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