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Mia Online Announces The Launch of New Servers in May

Mia Online New Servers

Mia Online announced this morning that they will be launching new servers, on May 9th, 2019. Mia Online will also be released in multiple countries to offer more people a chance at the MMORPG. Coinciding with the new Server (S4) and the New Feature Updates, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia will also have access to the game. Features players can look forward to in MIA online in this update is a CLoak System, Artifact System, Mercenary System, and of course, new Mounts and Costume Sets. A new God’s Ring (Elf Chapter) also arrives in the game. There’s also some new PVE content, such as the Level 80 Team Dungeon (Spider Cave), Level 80 World Boss (Ghoul) and a new Solo Dungeon (Energy Altar).

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