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Metal Assault begins closed beta on April 1

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The closed beta date for Aeria Games’ Metal Assault has been set: April 1. Closed beta registration is still being accepted at the game’s official website.

Styled like Metal Slug, Metal Assault will offer several multiplayer modes including co-op and deathmatch, as well as solo modes. Four playable vehicles (including multiplayer vehicles), plus special zombie zones, will also be part of the side-scroller’s gameplay.

Aeria Games publishes several other MMOs, including Dynasty Warriors Online, Realm of the Titans, Wolf Team, and Last Chaos.

Metal Assault Screenshots:


Aeria Games Reveals Closed Beta Date for Metal Assault

It’s No Joke – Run ‘n’ Gun Action Shooter Blasts into CB on April 1

SANTA CLARA, Calif.  – March 26, 2011 – Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, today revealed the Closed Beta date for its latest action shooter title. Metal Assault is scheduled to open its battlefields to Closed Beta participants on April 1. Interested players can still sign up for a Closed Beta invite at Metal Assault’s Official Website ( Here players will also find an arsenal of Metal Assault goodies; read mercenary bios, learn mission details, download fun wallpapers, and watch epic videos highlighting Metal Assault’s explosive gameplay.

Once Closed Beta begins, players can blast full speed into Metal Assault’s non-stop, frenzied PvE / PvP action.  Defeat enemy troops, eliminate waves of zombies, and team up with your friends to solve the mystery behind an underground military lab explosion in this epic Metal Slug-style shooter.

Metal Assault thunders on the scene with these features:

  • Multiplayer Modes – Team up with or against your friends in Metal Assault. Play Co-Op missions or battle your friends head-to-head in PvP Deathmatch sessions. Or fight solo in frenzied PvE modes.
  • Vehicle Violence – Maximize destruction with one of four playable vehicles. Don a personal combat suit, hop into a giant cannon, or join up to 3 friends in a multiplayer Helicopter or Tank.
  • Zombie Zones – The City of HERZ is infested with roaming hordes of zombies!  Take ‘em out as part of your mission in PvE modes. Or play the fast-paced Infection PvP variant and try to escape bites and scratches from your undead friends!

Metal Assault is a 2D side-scrolling action shooter, similar in style to the Metal Slug series. Metal Assault will be free to download and free to play. Head to the official website ( on April 1st to participate in the Closed Beta release!

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