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Marvel Heroes 2016 News – Beast and Jubilee Join Roster

Marvel Heroes 2016 News - Beast and Jubilee Join Roster

Gazillion Entertainment has announced that Beast and Jubilee are now available in Marvel  Heroes 2016.

Beast joins Marvel Heroes as the 60th playable super hero, and features an agility-focused fighting style accented by science. Beast can also call upon Archangel, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey for team-work.

Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) also joins the roster as a Team-Up character, which can be summoned to the fight with plasmoid attacks and explosive assistance.

Dave Dohrmann, CEO at Gazillion Entertainment, stated:

Beast and Jubilee has been a true passion project for our team and we’re excited to release our first new characters in 2017. With the launch of Marvel Heroes 2016’s biggest update ever out the door, today’s debut also marks a return to focus on creating new content and bringing even more beloved characters from the Marvel Universe to life.

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