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Marvel Heroes 2015: End of Anniversary Event Announced

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Marvel Heroes 2014

Gazillion Entertainment has just announced the launch of their Epic Twelve – End of Anniversary event for Marvel Heroes 2015.

Similar in concept to the crazy Big Ten event just two months ago, today’s launch brings back fan favorite in-game specials alongside new features.

  • Here’s the list of events that make up the Epic Twelve celebration this weekend:
  • Return of the Reaper – Every few hours, a different game mode will have increased loot, rotating between Terminals, Midtown, and X-Defense and Holo-Sim.
  • Legendary BOGO – BOGO for heroes and costumes are back along with a 15% bonus G sale.
  • Even More Cowbell – Log in on Saturday, 6/28 for a Cosmic Cow King Crate. Loot for the
  • Bovineheim and Confidential Bovine Sector will also be increased!
  • Devs with Benefits – Play with the devs, ask them questions & receive codes for mystery gifts.
  • Runes Reloaded – Drop rates for the rarest of runes have been increased as well as sale values.
  • World Cup Fever – Collect flags from the various World Cup countries for a special item.
  • Cosmic Chaos – Cosmic Doop spawn rate has been increased and will drop random a Cosmic Medallion and Cosmic Ring. Cosmic Penta Boosts also make a comeback in the store.
  • Summer BBQ – Collect summer BBQ drops including hot dogs and Omega Red Ketchup.
  • Alpha Omega – Earn more Omega Orbs as rewards for Shared Quests are tripled and are 10% easier to acquire. Log in each day to receive an extra Omega Orb.
  • Teamwork 101 – Team Insignias drop rates will be increased, Team-Up Heroes will deal increased damage and all Team-Up Heroes prices will be 20% off! Log in each day and receive an Epic S.H.I.E.L.D. Team-Up gear.
  • Accidents Happen – Server side rarity boost will have a few unexpected increases at random times through each day, lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Old School – Hero Tokens for any hero have a small chance of dropping across the game.

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