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Marvel Contest of Champions Reveals Diablo

Marvel Contest of CHampions Diablo Spotlight

Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions reveals their next champion, the mighty Diablo. In order to gain godlike power, you have to be willing to risk everything. We have his bio as well as his stats and abilities below:


An unrivaled alchemist and a member of Spanish nobility, Esteban Corazon de Ablo uses his arcane concoctions to lengthen his life, incinerate his foes and more. Driven by an unending desire to become as powerful as a god, Diablo now finds himself in the Contest hoping to secure the ISO-Sphere for his continued experimentation. Ambition pushes the Spanish nobleman to acquire power at all costs, and very few heroes can, or will, stand in his way.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

Health: 14,140

Attack: 1,126

Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 3,914
  • With Signature (99): 4,777

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

Health: 28,350

Attack: 2,189

Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 7,768
  • With Signature (200): 10,600

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Alchemy, Poison Resistance, Poison

Self Experimentation

  • Diablo takes 35% reduced damage from Poison effects and gains +20% Power Rate and +450 Attack while Poisoned.


  • A master alchemist, Diablo begins each Quest with a selection of Concoctions ready to be brewed. Throwing Light Attacks allows Diablo to switch which Concoction to brew. By finishing a combo with a Medium attack, Diablo begins brewing the selected Concoction.
  • Once the Concoction has Brewed for 3 seconds, Diablo may dash back and hold block for 1.2 seconds to drink it. A new Concoction can’t be brewed until the first is consumed.
  • If Diablo drinks a Concoction while the matching Concoction effect is still active, he instead Poisons himself, dealing 731 direct damage over 8 seconds and reducing healing effects by 30%.

Developer Note: This self inflicted Poison doesn’t account for Diablo’s natural poison resistance. The actual damage dealt will be reduced by 35% (roughly 475 instead).

Emberboon Concoction – 4 Available each Quest

  • For 12 seconds, attacks deal a burst of additional Energy Damage equal to 55% of the damage dealt plus an additional 20% for each Buff the opponent has.

Counterflow Concoction – 4 Available each Quest

  • Gain 110% of a bar of Power over 12 seconds and allow basic attacks a 25% chance to Nullify for that duration.

Lifestitch Concoction – 4 Available each Quest

  • Recover 848 Health when consumed and increases Regeneration rate by 25% for 12 seconds.

Ironskin Concoction – 4 Available each Quest

  • Gain +957 attack and Stun Immunity for 12 seconds.

Heavy Attacks

  • Diablo destroys his Brewed Concoction to inflict Poison, dealing 1520 direct damage over 10 seconds and reducing Healing effects by 30%.

Special 1: Double-Edged Elixir – Splashing the opponent with a scalding elixir, Diablo creates enough space to drink the remainder to heal his wounds.

  • After the attack Diablo starts drinking an elixir, recovering up to 848 Health based on how long he continues to drink.
  • If he has a Concoction brewed, Diablo drinks it after the attack.

Special 2: Whelming Surge – A special mixture spawns a wave of arcane energy to engulf Diablo’s foe.

  • This attack is Unblockable.
  • This attack deals +50% Energy Damage for each Concoction and Poison effect active on Diablo.

Special 3: Epic Experimentation – Experimentation yields power, as Diablo quaffs an unknown set of elixirs then lets fly with a barrage of arcane might.

  • If he has a Concoction brewed, Diablo drinks it during this attack and gains a permanent effect based on the Concoction consumed.
  • Emberboon or Ironskin: +168 Attack for Energy-based attacks.
  • Counterflow or Lifestitch: +10% Regeneration rate.

Developer Note: The permanent effects lasts until end of the fight and can be seen in the pause screen.

Signature Ability: Arcane Innovation

  • Experimentation has enhanced Diablo’s Concoctions, decreasing their Brewing time by 1 second and increasing their duration by 40%.

Synergy Bonuses

Unending Ambition (Loki, Red Skull)

  • Diablo: Recover 1 Counterflow after winning 1 Fight.
  • Loki: +35% Curse Debuff duration.
  • Red Skull: +35% Shock Debuff damage.
  • Unique: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Madcap Experimentalists (Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin)

  • Diablo: Recover 1 Lifestitch after winning 1 Fight.
  • Doc Ock: +30% Heal Block Debuff duration.
  • Green Goblin: +1% Attack per Cunning / Madness charge.
  • Unique: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Twisted Arcanists (Symbiote Supreme, Dormammu)

  • Diablo: Recover 1 Emberboon after winning 1 Fight.
  • Symbiote Supreme: +1% Attack for each Stagger on the opponent.
  • Dormammu: +500 Energy Resistance while Dark Energy is at 100.
  • Unique: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Legion Accursed (Mephisto, Juggernaut)

  • Diablo: Recover 1 Ironskin after winning 1 Fight.
  • Mephisto: Gain 40% of a Power bar when a Poison Debuff would be gained. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
  • Juggernaut: +2000 Armor during Heavy Attacks.
  • Unique: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Nemesis (Coming Soon Champion x4)

  • +6% Attack
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