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MapleStory Winter 2017 Information

Winter 2017 MapleStory All Services Infographic - Main Image

MapleStory has grown and grown as the years have gone on, and players all around the world have experienced this colorful, fun title. Though the majority of players are found in Asian countries, the global audience is just as dedicated to the game. It’s definitely fascinating to see that if MapleStory were a country, it would be #4 in the world for “most populated”! This infographic shows off a variety of interesting data, from the number of characters by job/most popular, characters in particular level range (Genuinely surprised at the 201-250 number), and even the most popular Pets! As it should be, the Panda is on top of that list. As the years have gone on, MapleStory is standing strong, and these numbers don’t lie. 2018 will no doubt be just as successful!
MapleStory 2017 Winter Infographic

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