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MapleStory Unveils Grand Athenaeum Dungeon And New Content

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MapleStory GA

Nexon America has released an update for the most engaging and action-packed free MMORPG experience, MapleStory, which introduces all-new content including:

New theme dungeon, Grand Athenaeum (Level 100+): Play as a historical character in one of three books in this dimensional library to become an important part of the past. Choose from the origin story of the mysterious White Mage, a biographical tale of Cygnus in her youth or a plot involving Eleanor the Black Witch and an assassination attempt on Empress Cygnus.

  • – Episode 1, White Mage: This story takes place hundreds of years ago. Controlling a mercenary long forgotten by history, you have been hired by Hatsar, the mogul of Ariant, to find the powerful White Mage.
  • Episode 2, How to Become an Empress: Even Empresses have doubts sometimes. In this episode, players will meet Cygnus as a young child, and must help her build up the traits she will need to confidently lead her people.
  • Episode 3, Black Witch: In this would-be murder mystery, the Black Wings are planning to assassinate Empress Cygnus. Join the story by investigating the plot and stopping them before they succeed in changing history forever.

MapleStory GA 2

Cross-world content: This new MapleStory feature allows players from all worlds to join together to experience PvP content (Level 60+) and Party Quests (Level 50+).

  • PvP Boss Arena: Allows each player to control a boss monster, choosing from Magnus, Ani, Arkarium, Dragonoir, Cygnus and Von Leon, to fight against the other heroes.

Special events: Celebrate Spring in MapleStory with numerous mini-games, quests and events, to earn scrolls, restorative items, and even a bunny suit!
For more information on the MapleStory update, including details on how to access the new content, please read here.

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Nexon reveals new content added to MapleStory, including a new dungeon, a new PvP area, and special events.