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MapleStory offers Dual Blade marriage promo

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Thousands of Dual Blades have been created in MapleStory since its release only a few weeks ago. So have thousands of vows been exchanged in the new MapleStory marriage system. So Nexon is putting two and two together and offering a special promo.

For a limited time, two Dual Blade characters who marry each other will be gifted a special pet. The pet will randomly be either a Black Kitty, Skunk, or Black Bunny – perfectly dark and fitting for these dual-wielding Thieves.

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The Original Press Release:

Mister and Missis Dual Blade

Nearly a Quarter of a million Dual Blade characters created and almost 500 marriages within first two weeks of update

Marriages flourish in Maple World as Dual Blade characters wed in Nexon’s MapleStory to form powerful pairs while receiving added benefits as they enjoy wedded bliss. In the first two weeks of the update being live, nearly a quarter of a million Dual Blade characters were made and almost 500 were wed to their in-game loves.

For a limited time, Dual Blade characters who get married to other Dual Blade characters will receive a pet as a wedding present. Newlywed deadly duos will be gifted a Black Kitty, Skunk or Black Bunny randomly. Wedded Dual Blade characters will benefit from the in-game union, receiving added stats and having access to special party quests, just like other married couples in the game.

Strategic gamers hungry for action and advantageous alliances can create a Dual Blade character and explore the Maple World, joining the millions of MapleStory players and nearly a quarter of a million Dual Blade characters already in the game. As deadly thieves, the double sword-wielding characters make battling enemy mobs a slashing good time.

To join the secret legion of Dual Blades and slash through enemies, visit: Join other fans at

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