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MapleStory Explorer Classes Updated

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A ton of new classes have been added to MapleStory recently. All these new updates have left the original five classes – Mage, Thief, Bowman, Warrior, and Pirate feeling a bit dated. Well Nexon has come to the rescue. The latest patch scheduled for June will enhance all the old classes, collectively known as the ‘Explorers.’

Mages will gain increased attack skills and damage, Thieves will receive a boost in attack and a decrease in cool down time, Bowmen and Warriors will deal more damage. The Pirate will gain the ability to use guns at close range, along with other updates.

The new Evan and Aran classes are a lot of fun to play, but this new patch should help the older classes compete with the new ones. Learn more by reading the full release below.

Besides MapleStory, Nexon publishes several other free to play games including Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, Mabinogi, and the upcoming Vindictus, and Dragon Nest.

Full Release:

MapleStory’s Next Update Will Introduce New Changes to the Explorer Classes

Explorers of all classes will soon be able to experience a new type of game with Nexon America’s Return of the Explorer rebalancing update for its hit MMORPG, MapleStory. The four original Explorers – Mage, Thief, Bowman, and Warrior, along with the later added Pirate class – will all be rebalanced and renewed in the scheduled June update.

Each class advances through four jobs and each is enhanced and improved with the Return of the Explorer update. Mages, who use staffs and wands as their main weapons, gain an increase in attack skills and damage. As masters of moving quickly, Thieves earn an increase in attack and a decrease in cool down time. Bowmen become more powerful and see an increase in damage power. Warriors also gain an increase in damage power, as well as a few other changes which allow them to improve their elemental attacks. Lastly, Pirates undergo several changes, including the ability to use their guns at close range.

The Return of the Explorer update implements new changes to each of the five explorer classes to enhance the player’s experience. To learn more about the upcoming improvements, visit: Join other fans at

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