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Major updates to Shot Online

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Shot Online, a golf MMO from GamesCampus, has announced a series of major upgrades for the beginning of 2010.

One of the first major features is the adding of three new golfers to the line-up. The three golfers – Y.E. Yang, Anthony Kim and Camilo Villegas – have been signed on to become some of the first professional golfers available to play.

Also available in the update are a slightly revised auction house, a “show shot info” option, practice density which allows players to earn extra experience after hitting enough par or better holes, and a concede system for players under level 20. Other player’s character info can be viewed, and players can now control whether their information is publicly available.  A new socket system allows players to equip special accessories to improve clothing items and clubs. Finally, a new course has been added, the CT Park Royal, with a 4.0 difficulty and restricted to Tour Pro or higher.

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