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Major update for Vindictus coming February 16

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A new update is heading to Vindictus on Wednesday, February 16th, just after Valentine’s Day.

The update will add six bonus chapters of content, increase the level cap from 44 to 60, introduce the Hoarfrost Depths and Hilder Forest areas (along with their denizens, including Yeti), and introduce two new game modes: Hero and Gauntlet.

Valentine’s Day events are also in game now, including quests to find Tieve’s chocolate, a fishing quest, and more. These events will only be available until February 15th.

Vindictus is published by Nexon, publisher of Mabinogi, MapleStory, Combat Arms, and Dungeon Fighter Online.

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Vindictus Lost Artifact Update on Feb. 16 Ushers in a Boatload of New Content

Largest update ever adds all new game modes, six new chapters and ups the level cap to 60

Vindictus players are in for a legendary treat this Valentine’s Day. The largest content update the game has experienced will hit on Wednesday, February 16. The Lost Artifact update increases the level cap from 44 to 60, adds six bonus chapters and debuts the new Hero mode and Gauntlet mode.

The Lost Artifact update also adds two new areas to Vindictus: Hoarfrost Depths and Hilder Forest. Vicious new mobs abound in the new areas, including Yetis, new Kobold variants and more.

Special Valentine’s Day events are now available in game for a limited time, such as the quest to find Tieve’s chocolate and a Valentine’s themed fishing quest. Additionally, a Valentine’s Package is available for purchase at the Supply Depot, which bestows the lucky recipient with a set of sexy Valentine’s themed Inner Armor (permanent) and a powerful Valentine’s Necklace. The Valentine’s Day events are only available until February 15, so players are encouraged to seek the quests as soon as possible.

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