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Magic: The Gathering Arena Joins Collegiate StarLeague and University Esports Leagues

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Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) is bringing Magic: The Gathering to their list of collegiate esports leagues. For the first time, Magic: The Gathering Arena will be joining the CSL’s offerings, with a scholarship prize pool of 50,000 USD up for grabs. This is the largest in the CSL this year. Collegiate players representing thier schools across the United States and Canaca can register below.

This is free for all North American college students and teams, who will form up in teams of three. They will bring their most powerful decks to bear against other MTGA players across a sixteen-week season. The best players across all of these colleges will do battle at the CSL Grand Finals in April 2020, with the winners heading to ultimately do battle against the UK winners in a first-of-its-kind international exhibition battle. All of the action will be streamed on CSL’s Twitch Channel, and CSL will provide tons of content for Magic: The Gathering Arena fans, so stay tuned.

Registration closes October 13, with the first matches beginning on October 19. For full rules and explanations, check out the rules page.

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