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Magic Chronicle: Server Open 100 Days Anniversary & July Rewards

In order to show sincere thanks to their players their great support, Magic Chronicle has prepared a batch of gifts for players during its 100 day anniversary of its first server opening. Join Magic Chronicle 100 days anniversary and July gift event on Facebook to accept Magic Chronicle’s special gift!

From the press release:

Grab your July gift: WARMJULY  (Only the first 500 persons can receive the gift. Hurry to redeem the code!)

How to use the gift code:

Step 1: Login the game and tap the upper left “Menu”button.
Step 2: Select “Settings” and tap “Code”
Step 3: Enter your gift code, claim the rewards in the “Mail”.

This event will be ended on 8th July. Hundreds of players join us so far! Don’t forget to like & SHARE to your friends! You can get more details in Magic Chronicle Facebook! Magic Chronicle gives back bonus every month. Stay tune and more bonus and surprise are waiting for you!

Magic Chronicle Facebook:

Anniversary event page:

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