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The Maestros Beta Weekend – May 25th-28th

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The Maestros announced they’ll be hosting a closed beta weekend, which starts this Friday (May 25th) at 5 pm EST. The game will remain open until May 27th at 9 pm EST for matches to be joined. The Maestros features two factions in an online multiplayer RTS. Players can join the clockwork Knights of Teutonia, or the mutated, floral creatures of the Alchemists of Regalis. Both factions have to battle across the map, fighting the opponents or NPCs, which camp various objectives. The introduction promises to be fun and builds upon mastery for the high level, more competitive matches.  Players who wish to take part can click the link below to join the action strategy game, which demands quick thinking and a tactical mind. Think League of Legends meets Pikmin.

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