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Mad May announced for RuneScape players

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Jagex has announced plans for next month’s events in RuneScape.

“Mad May” will feature several events for players throughout the month. Players will get bonus spins on the Squeal of Fortune, and players who remain a member for the month of May will gain 5,000 Loyalty points. These points can be used to spend on several new rewards including costumes, titles, emotes, and gameplay-enhancements. Eligible players will also receive up to a quarter of a million bonus experience on June 1. The team will also host “Wild Weekends” throughout May, with details posted on the website.

Jagex also publishes 8Realms and War of Legends.


Runescape announces Mad May
Jagex reveal first details of a month of craziness including competition, extra loyalty points, Bonus XP and additional Squeal of Fortune spins

Monday 23rd April 2012, Cambridge, UK – Jagex, makers of RuneScape, the World’s most popular and multi-award winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online adventure game, today announced their plans for Mad May, a month long series of community events, offers and competitions.

Starting today, RuneScape players old and new will be able to benefit from a host of Mad May offers for everyone who remains a member throughout May. These promotions include additional bonus spins for the Squeal of Fortune, the new light-hearted game of chance which was introduced to RuneScape last month, offering players even more chances to win from a wide variety of in-game prizes.

As an additional bonus, all those players who remain a member for the whole of May, will also receive 5,000 Loyalty Points to spend on numerous rewards including a vast array of new costumes, titles of nobility, exclusive emotes and perhaps most exciting of all, an arsenal of gameplay-enhancing auras. What’s more, all eligible players will receive up to a quarter of a million bonus XP on the 1st June.

If the free spins, loyalty points and XP weren’t enough, the RuneScape team will also be hosting Wild Weekends throughout May.  Full details of each Wild Weekend will be posted in advance on the RuneScape website.

For more information about the game and to take advantage of RuneScape’s May Madness, simply visit and create your account today.

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