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Mabinogi Prepares for Classic Update

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Nexon America is preparing to launch Mabinogi’s Classic Update in the coming days.

The update introduces the Puppeteer talent, giving players control over two puppets, Pierrot and Colossus, to aid in battle. Puppeteers can also grab enemies on the battlefield and control them, and follow a new quest line designed to help them master their skills.

A new talent system replaces the destiny system, to let players specialize their training and stats further. Several new skills are added in the system, including mining, commerce mastery, milking, mushroom gathering, and sheep shearing.

Also new in the update is the Bone Dragon mount, available in several colors, and the ability for same gender couples to marry in game.

“When players speak out about specific content, we do our best to deliver,” said Teddy Kim, Nexon America’s Mabinogi producer. “That is the great thing about Mabinogi; it allows players fully immerse themselves in the lives they take on in-game. Players can get married, fight dragons, become musicians or learn to cook. We think that opening up the wedding system to same gender characters is fully in the spirit of offering nearly limitless options to our players.”

Nexon also publishes MapleStory and Dragon Nest.

Mabinogi Classic Update Screenshots:

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