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Mabinogi Duel Summer Event Begins

Mabinogi Duel Summer Event Begins

Mabinogi Duel, Nexon’s strategic mobile trading card game, has begun a special summer event to celebrate the season.

The celebration includes two key features:

The Limited Arena

Running every week this summer, and starting this weekend (July 22 8pm PDT – July 24 8pm PDT), players can compete in a special restricted arena. The rules will change every week, and Duelists who compete each week will get Gems and Discount Coupons.

Returning Player Rewards

Duelists who haven’t played since June 8 can come back for a special gift of Gems, Coupons, and pre-release Boosters. Those who are level 11 or higher will also get various rewards until August 3.


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