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Mabinogi Duel Launches Clash of Five Colors Event

Fans of Mabinogi Duel can enjoy a new event starting today, “Clash of Five Colors.”

The event features global PvP duels between players, with a chance to earn special rewards through August 22. Players that participate can enjoy the following:

  • Challenge Duelists from around the world in the epic ‘Clash of Five Colors’ event arena: Test your skills against other players in a three-round challenge where players are limited to only using 12 cards of the same color during the battle (Aug. 9 – Aug. 22);
  • Earn special rewards: Rewards include ‘Medal Event Cards’, ‘Season Mutant Boosters’, ‘Arena Tickets’, and gems;
  • Play new Achievement Challenges/ Question Missions: Complete the new quest missions during the event period to receive two awesome ‘Hero Skins’, El Brack and Shaley Jaemera, a ‘Medal Event Card’, gold and increased chances to earn ‘Special Cards’ from ‘Super Boosters’;
  • Additional updated features include: An updated Arena schedule, increased rewards for ‘Newbie Arenas’, enhanced Personal Shop systems, and a modified User Interface and gameplay.
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