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Mabinogi celebrating 2nd anniversary

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Mabinogi is celebrating its second anniversary this month with a special event, “Jump to the Moon.”

Players can jump to the low-hanging moon, Eweca, by building see-saws available from general vendors. The moon is populated with giant bunnies, tiny cows, and dancing pandas, and players who complete the quest to reach the moon will get a special cow robe. The server who reaches the most players to the moon will also have a special event activated; logging into the server from 4-9pm Pacific between Friday and Sunday will grant players a special anniversary item.

The event is taking place now, with the special events to occur this weekend, between March 26th and 28th.

The Original Press Release:

Mabinogi Celebrates its Second Anniversary

Fans of Nexon America’s fantasy life MMO, Mabinogi, can enjoy a special anniversary event to celebrate its second year of service in the North American market by participating in an in-game event, “Jump to the Moon.” Players interested in unveiling the surprise server-specific anniversary events can do so by enlisting the help of a friend to seesaw to Eweca. Those triumphant in their jump to the moon will notice that the landscape of Eweca is filled with giant moon bunnies, tiny cows, and even a dancing panda. In addition to their walk on the moon, players will receive a special Cow Robe as a reward. Servers who reach their targeted number of moon-walkers will activate a special anniversary event and can enjoy it the weekend of March 26-28.

To join all the other moon-walkers on Eweca and to find out more about Mabinogi, visit:, and become a fan at

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