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Luvinia World Update Focuses On Mount Upgrade & Previews Expansion

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This week, SOA Games has unveiled their latest patch update for their action-packed anime MMORPG, Luvinia World.

The newest patch update now adds support for level 4 and 5 mount upgrade, lowers the vitality needed for re-entering some high-level dungeons, and fixes many quest bugs. For more information, check out the patch release posted on the forums.

Luvinia Attack

SOA Games is working with developer Shanda Games on a new content expansion that is expected to arrive towards the end of the month. This new expansion will cater to higher-level players with tons of new content.

A sneak preview of the upcoming expansion can be seen Luvinia World’s official facebook page:

Gear up, Luvies! The Bingo researchers have uncovered a Hidden Temple that dates back to the origins of Luvinia, but we don’t yet know what is inside. Early scouts report a new breed of Monsters that don’t go down easy. These hulking beasts are protected by powerful defensive shields, and they are too strong for lone warriors to break. You will need to team up with your entire nation if you hope to beat them. Succeed, and you may find treasures never before seen on the Savajelan continent.

This dark hellhole is only for the strongest and most experienced adventurers of Luvinia. If you haven’t reached level 95, start training up now!

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