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Lucky Boxes Return to Silkroad Online

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Luck Box Exchange

Leading online game developer and publisher Joymax reveals a return of a fan-favorite event for their immensely popular MMORPGs, Silkroad Online and Silkroad-R. Lucky Boxes are a frequently requested event, and they come hand-in-hand with a new Avatar outfit, and a huge improvement to the Magic Pop system!

They’re back! From now until February 11th, players will be able to collect Lucky Boxes that drop from monsters throughout the world. Once these boxes have been exchanged to So-Ok in town, players will receive limited time items including Monster Summon Scrolls (Party), Pandora’s Boxes, 500 HP and MP Increase Scrolls, HP and MP Recovery Grains, Berserker Regeneration Potions, and so much more. These items are intended for players to use immediately – they’ll disappear when the lucky boxes do next month!

Female Water Sprite

January also brings about a new Avatar Costume: the Water Sprit Outfit! This outfit goes on sale starting today and will be a permanent fixture in the cash shop. This Avatar outfit was strongly influenced by the world of natural elements. Water is temperamental, and can be deviously treacherous under the surface. Is it wise to trust an adventurer with this outfit, knowing the nature of water can be so capricious? It’s up to the player to decide.

The Magic Pop system has also seen a full overhaul – you’ll be amazed at the changes! Fellows and Pets have now been added to the Pop draw, which includes some rare and exclusive followers and pets, such as the roly-poly Circus Bear. Angel Sprit and Extension Gear have also been added; these S-grade items are perfect for those looking for that extra advantage in surviving the treacherous Silk Road. The Avatar Costume list has been culled of old, less popular costumes and now includes many choices from the community itself. Golden Dragon and Roc Banners are now available for those lucky enough to snag these flashy items. Last but not least, all items, including Alchemy Stones, will now come in groups of 3 instead of just one!

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