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Lucent Heart announces final closed beta

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Lucent Heart’s final closed beta- the Badass Friends Forever (BFF) – will launch on May 12.

The new beta will use a new, 4.07 client, offering a more streamlined game. Lucent Heart features a Matchmaking system, Zodiac and Horoscope system that affect character development, several classes and specializations, 20 zones, and more. For more information, you can check out our Lucent Heart page.

Lucent Heart is published by Beanfun (Gamania), which also publishes Hero: 108 Online.

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Cosplay Alert: Lucent Heart’s “Goddess Theia” at E3

05.06.2011– IRVINE, Calif. – May 6th, 2011 – Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today that the wait is almost over, the final closed beta for Lucent Heart hits May 12th. After introducing the community to the land of Acadia during recent sneak peek beta events, Gamania is ready to enter the next phase of testing, inviting players to put Lucent Heart through its paces during the highly anticipated two week Badass Friends Forever (BFF) closed beta.

The team has been hard at work refining the game, incorporating feedback from previous testers, as well as implementing more features. The BFF event will be Lucent Heart’s largest and final closed beta, and will utilize the updated 4.07 client. Both old and new players will experience a streamlined version of the game with many improvements.

Aiming to bring people together by focusing on social interaction, Lucent Heart leverages a rich matchmaking system that pairs up couples for quests and adventures in the fight against evil that’s invading Acadia. With magical Zodiac based abilities at their disposal, along with help from trustworthy pets, friends, and lovers, players will take on hordes of enemies and bosses as they fight their way through thousands of quests, dungeons, and 20 unique zones.

Horoscope System: Each player’s Zodiac sign (determined by their birthday) affects their stats and skills. Not only will they get buffs as a daily horoscope, they gain powerful Zodiac abilities and armor that are specific to their Zodiac sign – affording players a personalized experience while they level up and explore Acadia.

Matchmaking System: “Cupid” will pair up players based on specific matchmaking characteristics. Lucent Heart is a highly social experience and the matchmaking feature is meant to take players beyond the standard grouping systems with which they’re accustomed. Couples are encouraged to go on lighthearted “dates” after being paired, and as they level up and quest together they gain access to specific couple-only buffs, items, and areas which further enhance the gameplay. Couples can even culminate their relationship through in-game marriage.

As a special treat for cosplay fans, Vanessa (the official Lucent Heart Star) will be filming a video series at E3 dressed up as the goddess herself, ‘Theia’. ‘Goddess Theia’ will be taking community requests for the videos, so those interested in chatting with her or just watching the fun unfold, need to jump over to the event page at the following link:

Grab a key and prepare for the BFF closed beta on May 12th:

For more information on Lucent Heart visit the official website:

To get involved with Lucent Heart’s friendly community visit the Facebook page at:

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