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Lost Saga Strikes Back with Massive Content Update

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Lost Saga Angel Battle

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce a fight-tastic new content update for the beloved online brawler, Lost Saga. The update adds yet more diverse characters to the scores of intergalactic, mythical characters, both great and small, already in place, as well as the Gear Designer feature that fans have been dreaming of.

Rare heroes are the very top category of playable characters, with capabilities beyond that of the normal and premium classes. Available starting today, new rare heroes include Michael, the archangel leader of God’s army and vanquisher of Lucifer. Michael’s manoeuvres include a limited time of invulnerability while flying to set up for a perfect attack, summoning a host of angels to take out enemies and heavenly meteors smashing to the ground. Continuing the deific theme is Skadi, Norse god/goddess of winter, mountains, and hunting. Skadi commands the power of winter and ice. Like all other heroes in Lost Saga, Skadi and Michael are available in either male or female form.

New premium heroes to be added starting on 26th November, as part of an SNK King of Fighters special, include the swift and skilful ninja master Mai Shiranui. Also from the legendary beat-‘em-up comes Kusanagi Kyo, manipulator of fire and flame. These will be joined by premium characters May, Yumira, and Trinity on 3rd December.

On top of this, the long-awaited addition of the Gear Designer feature will occur on the 26th November, letting players customise the appearance of their heroes with clan insignias, autographs, and more.

“Choice, variety, and attention to detail are some of the key pillars in creating a tough brawler,” said Jay Park, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “We have great heroes with awesome attacks and the ability for players to really make them their own. We also look forward to players joining us for one of the many upcoming events!”

Last but not least, a Welcome Back gift is offered for returning players in the form of two hours with a premium hero, a free gift just for logging in. Additionally, Developer K, the scourge of players everywhere, returns. Claiming victory against Developer K at a specific time will result in a hefty reward. Players who haven’t logged in for 90 days can enjoy the Welcome Back gift by returning to the game on 26th November.

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