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Lost Saga launches December update

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The latest update for Lost Saga has gone live, seeking to improve gameplay for everyone.

The game will now feature an enhanced user interface, along with a new quest mode with over 700 quests already available. The Custom Mode now also offers the Closed Beta mode as an option. Skills have been balanced across all classes, and many various updates have also been implemented to enhance gameplay. A new hero, the Death Knight, is also now available.

Lost Saga is published by OGPlanet, publisher of Rumble Fighter and Red Stone.

Lost Saga Gameplay Screenshot



New UI version – New looking layout for Lost Saga
Quest Mode – Brand new quest mode (Over 700 exciting quests)
Closed Beta Mode – An extra mode has been added into the Custom Mode match

Additional Changes

  • Bonus received while playing with friends has increased to 40%
  • User info contains Battle level / Fishing level / Relic level
  • Soccer mode will show Assists in the status window
  • Deathmatch / Boss Raid now shows your Effort Ranking
  • Skill recovery from KO has been reduced from 100% to the Effort you have
  • Relic Hunting now has an Exp bar
  • Auto Update window redesigned
  • Spectator Kick function has been added
  • Auto Kick function has been added
  • Game will automatically start after 30seconds
  • Auto sell function in Fishing
  • New items has been added, Yellow / Red / Orange Box or Present
  • New Legendary chests from quests
  • Crusade Mode, usage of a coin will not gather the Undead into the middle

Hero Balance

Desert Blader

  • Hold Attack delay has been slightly increased
  • Knock back distance from jump attack has been reduced
  • Wind Wall cooldown has increased

Wild Tiger

  • Jump attacks are limited to 3 consecutive hits
  • Dash speed decreased
  • Spin Strike knock back decreased
  • Pounce jump height has been decreased
  • Dash attack and jump attack landing delay decreased
  • Stunned timer after jump attack has been decreased

Cyber Medic

  • Dash attack damage has been reduced

Dark Shaman

  • Dark Pact now has a cooldown

Iron Knight

  • Normal attack damage has increased
  • Weapon Skill invulnerability time increased
  • Weapon Skill knockback increased
  • Iron Knight Armor defense bonus increased

Grim Reaper

  • Jump attack damage increased
  • Jump attack landing delay decreased
  • Weapon skill cooldown decreased
  • Weapon skill landing cooldown decreased

Kage Ninja

  • Normal attack damage increased
  • Weapon Skill invulnerability time increased
  • Armor skill cooldown time decreased

Robin Hood

  • Movement speed increased while aiming
  • Knockback distance from arrow hit increased


  • Reload time decreased
  • Jump attack knockback distance increased

Justice Defender

  • Jump guard function added (you can guard after jumping)
  • Weapon skill invulnerability time increased


  • Damage from the bullets have been increased


Death Knight – Available in shops

Epic Gear
Epic Berserker Horn
Epic Toy Hammer

Treasure Capsule
Permanent Epic Ninja Outfit (+5)
Permanent Mini Gun (+5)
Jumpers 5 days
Servant Outfit 5 days
Treasure Capsule x2
Hurricane Hat 5 days
Tornado Robe 5 days
10,000 Peso
Golden Token x10
Lunar Rod 1 day
Lunar Bait x20
Megaphone x10
EXP +100% 1 day
Peso +40% 1 day

Holiday Content

Christmas Tree in HQ
HQ decoration
Developer K with a Santa suit/hat

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