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Lord of the Rings Online: Update 35 Now Available

LOTRO Update 35

The Lord of the Rings Online has welcomed players to its latest content: Update 35, Return to Carn Dûm.

After suffering countless setbacks and defeats, the last remnants of the Iron Crown have returned to Carn Dûm, hoping to wield a lost artifact of the Witch-king of Angmar to win dominion over the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Aid the Hill-men of the North and their allies in the fight to cast off the Iron Crown once and for all!

This update features multiple new instances, including:

  • Small Fellowship:
    • Sant Lhoer, the Poison Gardens – (Available for tiers 1-3)
    • Thaurisgar, the Vile Apothecary – (Available for tiers 1-3)
  • Fellowship:
    • Sagroth, Lair of Vermin – (Available for tiers 1-3)

Also coming soon to the game is a new raid: Gwathrenost, the Witch-king’s Citadel.

To find out more, read the LOTRO Update 35 Release Notes.

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