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Lineage 2: Revolution Launches Surprise ‘Monster Strike’ Collaboration

Lineage 2 Revolution - August Update

Lineage 2: Revolution is proud to announce that they have a surprise collaboration event with the popular Asian game, Monster Strike. In this event, the “Event Temporal Rift: Keep of Catastrophe” will open to all players. With four difficulties to choose from, all players regardless of level and experience can team up in groups of five to tackle a new boss and save the Silverlight Mercenary. In addition to the new event dungeon, a new weapon costume will also be available to all players to celebrate the partnership between Lineage 2: Revolution and the surprise franchise. A new mount pet also comes in this update, “Divine Sharly”. It’s a cute, egg-shaped pet that’s only summonable with Divine Sharly Summoning Stones, and will also the character’s appearance when equipped.  The special reward for victory of Fortress Siege also has been added to this update. Winners of Fortress Siege will acquire ‘Strider Binding Hornflute’ that can be used for summoning a strider as the reward.

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