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Lineage 2: Revolution Begins Pre-Registration for Kamael Update

Lineage 2 Kamael Update

Netmarble has begun pre-registration for a huge new update, that adds the new Kamael race to Lineage 2: Revolution. Players who pre-register will receive a “30+ Enhance Scroll”.  The sixth race to appear in the game, Kamael will have their own unique class mechanics to explore. Kamael Warriors will have Ancient Sword weapons, Rogues will wield Crossbows, and Mystics will have access to the Rapier for their melee-range attacks. The Kamael update will also add a “Dual Class” system, where players can experience different classes with their own characters, and a new server with extensive rewards. This update has various in-game events to take advantage of, from a Level-Up Boosting Event to an event that gives three full sets of Grade UR Equipment.

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