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Lineage 2 Reopens Free Trial (Finally!)

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Finally those looking to try out Lineage 2 can do so without paying. The game had a free trial ages ago, but shut it down for some reason. So if anyone wanted to play Lineage 2 without paying they had to play on a private server. Personally, I’m glad the game is offering a free trial again. It was one of the only major pay to play MMORPGs without a free trial. The Lineage 2 free trial is a full 2 weeks long with very few restrictions. Those interested in checking out the Lineage 2 free trial can visit:

The Original Press Release:

Free Trials Return to Lineage® II™

NCsoft invites players to experience the world of Aden

Online gaming fans can now delve back into, or be introduced to, the conflicted world of Aden with the new Lineage II free trial program starting today. During the 14-day trial period, players will experience one of the most vibrant and storied MMORPGs on the market featuring more than five years of content, history and community behind it, all for free.

New and returning players who haven’t stepped foot in Aden in a while will be able to enjoy the most robust version of Lineage II yet, thanks to the recent Gracia Epilogue patch, which delivered new dungeons, new game mechanics and refined communication tools. Along with the Refer-A-Friend program that grants current players bonus game time for recruiting friends and family to Lineage II, there has never been a better time to bring like-minded players into the game.

The Lineage II free trial program features a hassle-free (no credit card required) sign-up and provides players the ability to quest their way to level 40 with up to three characters, giving players a chance to explore multiple kingdoms of Aden as well as dabble in the game’s 36 character classes. A player’s progress beyond the 14-day trial period will be saved and is reactivated when they decide to purchase a retail copy of the game.

For more information on Lineage II as well as additional details on the free trial program, please visit

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