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Lil’ Conquest Open Beta Begins

Lil’ Conquest Open Beta Begins

Loygame has announced that their new economic strategy game, Lil’ Conquest, has launched at

Lil’ Conquest is a free to play browser-based simulation and strategy game that sets players to work building a village, establishing a trade empire, and recruiting heroes to conquer more territory. The game features an emphasis on village production strategy as the core to success, and features a three-turn battle system with over 65 heroes and four unit types.

As its first month-long event, Lil’ Conquest has added ancient Chinese zombies in celebration of Halloween. Beta players will also be rewarded 500 red diamonds per day and 5,000 blue diamonds if they join the game’s Facebook sharing event. At the end of beta, players will also receive 10 Summoning Orders, one Love Tree, 100,000 coins and 500 blue diamonds.

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