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Legendary Champions Shutting Down February 28

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Legendary Champions – the free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG from Aeria Games will be shutting down on February 28, 2011. The game’s item mall will officially be closing on February 15, 2011. It’s sad to see the game shut down so fast, but it’s not too surprising, considering the game never managed to attract a large playerbase. Players who purchased Aeria Points for the game in the last 60 days will be refunded.

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Aeria Games also publishes Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, Realm of the Titans, Kitsu Saga, Shaiya and several other free to play games.


I regret to inform you that Legendary Champions will be shutting down.

Item Mall Closing: 2/15/2011
Server Shutdown: 2/28/2011

This was a difficult decision to come by, and has only been made after much deliberation. We thank those who tried the game, and those who stuck with it through the more difficult times.

As a token of appreciation please Expect the below rewards to be sent through the email associated to your account:

  • Players who have spent AP in the past 60 Days will be receiving a full (100%) rebate on all purchases
  • Players who have spent in the past 60 days will also be receiving a specialized email with great FREE offers for just joining one of our other games, Specifically:
  • Shaiya, Grand Fantasia, DDTank, and Last Chaos.
  • An alpha-test pass into our new DOTA-Style game, Realm of the Titans!
  • Gift packages will include armor, weapons and special items for other games!
  • All LGC Players will receive: a special AP present from Aeria as well as special offers for other games via email!

These rewards will be sent to your in-box soon.

Again, we thank you for your time and effort in trying to make this game truly great, and hope that you will continue to choose Aeria Games as the number one destination for gaming.

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