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League of Legends Patch details

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League of Legends patch brought some significant changes to the gameplay.  Foremost, Hecarim has been released, who is a tank type jungler.  Hecarim gains attack strength through movement speed.

In addition to the new champion, multiple bug fixes have been put through.  Teemo may now fully utilize stacking attack speed to do severe poison damage-over-time to his opponents.  Text errors on Lux and Ziggs have been resolved.  Multiple buffs were also granted to lesser played champions such as Zilean, Sejuani, and Karma, to try and bring them into more League games.  Also fixed was an odd bug that allowed Mordekaiser causing minions to attack themselves.

The gold bonus from killing a champion on a killing spree has been increased to 600, to help comebacks from early losses more accessible.  Also, killing higher level champions than yourself will result in increased experience, while killing lower levels will decrease the experience gain.  In an attempt to make games more active early on, multiple defensive runes have taken a slight nerf, while several attack runes — mainly AP based runes — have been buffed.

Check out the patch video below for further details on what’s changed in the patch! League of Legends is published by Riot Games.

League of Legends Patch Video

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