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League of Legends: Dual Champion Release – Rakan and Xayah

League of Legends: Rakan and Xayah Reveal

In a rather surprising turn of events Riot has revealed their first ever dual champion release with Rakan, the Charmer, and his lover Xayah, the Rebel.

What’s especially exciting is that these two have unique synergies with each other like we’ve never seen before. Sure, you’ve played around with the likes of┬áLucian & Braum, Yasuo & Malphite, and even Kog’Maw & Lulu; but this time it’s so much more. Rakan and Xayah gain additional bonuses when paired with each other, specifically, those two by name.

So, get ready to see a whole lot of this exact bot lane duo tearing it up as a mobile support and a utility-centric marksmen.

Rakan, the Charmer

  • Passive: Fey Feathers
    Occasionally generate a shield, reduce the cooldown by attacking enemy champions.
  • Q: Gleaming Quill
    Sling a feather forward and deal damage. If it hits an enemy champion or epic monster, heal nearby allies.
  • W: Grand Entrance
    Leap forward and knockup nearby enemies after a short delay.
  • E: Battle Dance
    Leap to an ally and shield them. Battle Dance can be cast twice in a row within a few seconds.
  • R: The Quickness
    Sprint forward and charm each enemy hit. Additionally, Rakan gets a huge burst of movement speed from each target he connects with.

Xayah, the Rebel

  • Passive: Clean Cuts
    After casting an ability, Xayah’s next few basic attacks piece through enemies dealing reduced damage after the first target. Also, feathers will be dropped and will stay on the ground for a moderate amount of time.
  • Q: Double Daggers
    Throw two blades in a line damaging all enemies hit, feathers are left where they land.
  • W: Deadly Plumage
    Conjure a storm of feather blades that increase Xayah’s strength and speed of her next few basic attacks. If an enemy champion is hit, gain a burst of movement speed. If Rakan is nearby, he will also gain the ability’s effects.
  • E: Bladecaller
    Recall all feathers dealing damage to all enemies hit. If a target is hit by more than one feather, they will be briefly rooted.
  • R: Featherstorm
    Leap into the air, becoming briefly untargetable, and shortly after hurl a wave of blades in a cone damaging enemies and leaving feathers behind.

It might be a little early to say, but I feel Rakan is the coolest and most fun looking support champion I’ve seen in any game ever. I cannot wait to get my hands on what may very well be the catalystic character to make playing the underplayed role actually enjoyable and impactful.

Check out the full reveal here.

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