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League of Legends: Group Stage Week 2 – Worlds 2017

League of Legends Worlds 2017

We’re back and ready to rumble for the second week of the group stages for Worlds 2017!

This week, we’ll see if TSM and/or C9 made it out of groups, check in on EDG, and discover which seeds the Korean teams inevitably took.

Highlight Clips

Gigabyte Marines vs. Longzhu (WIN)
An excellent teamfight performed by GAM.

They didn’t win in the end, but they sure as hell gave LZ a run for their money. Interestingly, this game was evidently the biggest comeback in Worlds history. I’ve said before and I’ll probably say it some more, it’s never over for a Korean team unless their nexus is destroyed.

Ahq eSports vs. Edward Gaming (WIN)
Uzi isn’t the only fantastic ADC from China.

Games to Watch (or not)

Fnatic (WIN) vs. Immortals
This match is an adventure into one of the worst performances on an international stage to the point of it actually being impressive. It was like they were both desperately trying to throw the game at every opportunity.

Like a car accident, this is a terrible thing to witness, but you just can’t look away.

SK Telecom (WIN) vs. Edward Gaming
Somewhat of an odd match because SKT were behind for like 95% of the game and then just to decided to win rather randomly. One moment EDG looked to win, the next their nexus is destroyed. Good teams are scary.

Here’s to the Knock Out Stage

Woa! Short list! That’s exactly because this was a rather awful week for competitive League of Legends. If it’s not a team throwing (EDG/IMT/FNC) or playing well worse than usual (TSM/IMT), it’s the worst teams of the tournament doing exactly how they were predicted to perform. Even SKT looked like they were sandbagging. Hopefully the quarterfinals are better than these or this will be a rather disappointing Worlds.

You can find all the games and their Twitch/Youtube links here.

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