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League of Angels – Paradise Land Update Has Arrived

PR Inquiry - League of Angels - Expedition News

The 3D Mobile PRG, League of Angels – Paradise Land is receiving an exciting update today. “Expedition” is a new mode that will bring some diversity to gameplay. 6 Realms are waiting to be explored, each with its own level requirement before it can be accessed. Players complete the challenge of the realm in order to access the expedition before they can dispatch their heroes to explore the mysterious realms and earn valuable resources. They can also earn Hero Shards for the dispatched hero during a daily Expedition at several fixed times.

After their Purity rank reaches level 6, warriors can refine their Legendary Magistone quality to Mythic, which will not only boost its quality, but also activate and level up the Magistone Skill. Moreover, all the treasure hunters out there will find that a new challenge is waiting for them: The legendary Thunderblade is waiting to be discovered by the bravest of warriors. A host of upgrades and quality-of-life improvements were also  seen:

  • From now on, the requirements to unlock the Equipment Refining Stone in the Labyrinth have been lowered, to allow for a smoother game experience
  • The procedure to challenge the Guild Dungeon has been optimized
  • Cybercore and Light Envoy added to Mystery Recruits
  • Adjusted digit size for CRIT display
  • Auto-refresh added to Shop
  • Improved Victory panel letter display
  • Improved Formation Recommendation
  • Improved effects of combat buffs
  • Improved EX-Rage Skill triggers
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