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League of Angels III Celebrates First Anniversary

League of Angels 1st anniversary image

League of Angels III is proud to announce they are celebrating their first anniversary, with a huge “Thank you!” to their fans. There are plenty of events to celebrate, the first being “Journey Milestones” feature. This will let players recap the best moments of League of Angels III from their first year, including their own personal highlights. There are plenty of new outfits, wings, and mounts to collect as well.

Fans who log in every day during the celebration will receive an exclusive anniversary outfit. League of Angels III will also have some discounts on in-app items. This will include the Hero Store, Equipment Store, and Wings Store. Mounts, Advance Stones, Wings Advance Stones, and EXP Scroll II will also have discounts. If players want to take advantage of these, they should enter the code “LOA3NEWBIE2019” in-game.

In a message to the players, the LOA3’s developers said: “We will continue to try our very best to let players experience better and more interesting ways of playing. We hope more and more players will join us and love our games. Once again — thanks to all our players!”

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