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League of Angels II is Introducing a New Feature – Angel’s Home

League of Angels 2 - Angel's Home -image

Yoozoo Games announced a new feature for their title, League of Angels II. Angel’s Home will enable players to create their own home and the comfort of this home will bring bonuses to your squad. Players can also upgrade and augment their angels to get Angel’s Blessing from Angel Training and deploy their Angels in battle. Angel’s home requires level 75, and simply click on “Angel’s Home” to enter. The Angel’s Home contains four parts: Furniture Shop, Angel Training, Dream Dungeon, and Visit Friend/Visit Log. Furniture Coins are used in the Furniture Shop, which are attained from the Dream Dungeon. Each of the pieces of furniture has a Coziness rating, which affects the bonuses your heroes receive. Unlock and train new angels in Angel Training. Enter the Dream Dungeon to obtain more rewards based on how far you explore. Finally, visit your friends’ homes to receive special rewards.

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