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Last Cloudia to Launch Worldwide Later this Year

Last Cloudia Launch News

AIDIS announced today that their latest mobile RPG, Last Cloudia will release globally this year. Humans will be collaborating with monsters to save the world together, across a cinematic-style landscape. Kyle, an impulsive knight and his friend Rei, a one-winged beast with amnesia will tackle this journey together. Last Cloudia will offer detailed pixel art, a lush 3D world, and unique characters boasting highly flexible skills. Also featured in Last Cloudia are “Arcs”, which serve as special artifacts, that can be equipped to any character to boost stats and master skills over time. Last Cloudia will be available on both the App Store and Google Play later this year.

“We are pleased that a worldwide launch of Last Cloudia has been widely anticipated among the RPG community,” said Hiroshi Sasako, Last Cloudia Producer at AIDIS. “As we share this exciting adventure with a global audience, we look forward to building an international community around the game.”

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