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Last Chaos update launched

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Last Chaos has launched a new update, “Temptations of the Succubus.”

The update adds the new Succubus pet, new skills for each class and for guilds, a new ranking system, and new customization options at character creation. Strayana Dungeon has been redesigned, the User Interface improved, and a new Siege event can net players new armor.

Last Chaos is published by Aeria Games, which also publishes Wolf Team, Shaiya, Dream of Mirror Online, and Dynasty Warriors Online.

Last Chaos Gameplay Screenshot


The New Content!

  1. Tame the all new Succubus pet
  2. Experience a new and improved Strayana Dungeon
  3. Utilize exciting new skills for each class
  4. Unleash awesome new guild skills
  5. Know you’re the best with the new Ranking System
  6. Win a Siege event to earn all new armor
  7. Create a new character with more appearance options
  8. Enjoy an improved User Interface

New Items!

  1. Special Police Uniforms available for each class
  2. New Monster Cards that let you summon mobs to fight at your side
  3. Appearance change item for your current character
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