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Landmark Introduces Monsters, Caves and More

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Landmark Caves

Landmark‘s last major update for the year introduced PvE with new monsters, a new cave exploration system, graveyards, salvaging, and more.

The new cave system introduces five layers of underground caves for players to explore. In addition to metals and gems, players may happen upon ruins, monuments, and monsters. Players can access these layers by digging down, or by using the expanded leyline hub to access specific layers.

As NPC monsters have been introduced, so have graveyards, where players can resurrect if they die. Players can also revive at the spot they die with a craftable spirit anchor.

With these changes, materials have been redistributed to exist in more appropriate areas, rather than only along the surface. SOE has also introduced composite materials, helping reduce the grind for raw materials, and salvaging, which lets players break down items for parts.

These changes and much more are explained in detail in the latest patch notes.

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