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Land of Chaos Online Open Beta Begins August 3

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Alaplaya announced that the open beta for Land of Chaos Online, called LOCO for short, begins on August 3, 2010. The game has been in closed beta on and off for quite a while now, so seeing an official open beta date is exciting.

Land of Chaos Online Gameplay Screenshot

For those that haven’t heard of Land of Chaos Online, it’s 3D fantasy action MMO with strategy elements. It plays like a mix between Savage 2 and League of Legends. It’s a DotA-Esque aeon of strife game with unique action oriented combat.

Alaplaya, the company behind Land of Chaos Online, also publishes Florensia, Fantasy Tennis, S4 League, Racing Star, Avalon Heroes and Forsakia.

From the Original Release:

“Most believe the light to be eternal…
Always a glimmer of starlight, always a flickering candle or the glint of hope in a heroes heart.
They are wrong.
The abyss rises and darkness hungers for the hopes of man.
This is the last war, the stars will fall and the underworld erupt… …when shadow and fire meet, the world will burn.”

This one goes out to all brave heroes. The time is coming closer to find your destiny. Please prepare yourself and your weapons for the last war. Our severs will be opened for all on3 at around Noon (GMT+1).

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