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Kritika Global Launches First Major Update

Kritika Global Key Art

via press release

Com2uS, the global game developer and publisher ushering in the future of interactive online entertainment, has released the first major update for the recently launched MMORPG Kritika Global with the introduction of the new competitive guild feature, Siege War. The new multiplayer mode will see guilds battle to occupy a castle’s territory throughout a weekend period and give players the chance to earn special benefits and valuable rewards. Additionally, players around the world can battle their way to victory in monthly PvP tournaments, with the first tournament taking place this month. Lastly, Com2uS has also announced that Kritika Global is now available as a free download on Steam.

Additional information on Kritika Global’s first major update can be found below:

  • Siege War – In Siege War, guilds can compete to occupy a castle’s territory. Every Saturday, a declaration of war is made and a battle is carried out until the next day. The guild that wins the battle will receive stat buffs along with Siege Winner’s Coins, which can be used to purchase in-game items, such as legendary enhancement stones. The higher the rank of the castle players occupy, the better the rewards they receive.
  • Monthly PvP Tournaments – Players can look forward to battling their way to victory in monthly PvP tournaments with opponents across the globe. In order to qualify for a tournament, players must be at level 70 and obtain Combat Power (CP) of 300,000 or higher.
  • July Final Rounds: Running through July 17-24, finalists will battle against each other after a random draw. The final round will feature all the games best-out-of-three, with the exception of the final round, which will be best out of five.
  • Steam Launch In-Game Events
  • Special Check-In Event – Starting today until August 10, Kritika Global players can log into the game for seven days and receive different in-game items each day including a Pit-a-pat Pet Package, Random Card Pack, and Quartz.
  • Steam Launch Special Level 70 Event – Players who reach level 70 by August 10 can receive various in-game items including an Enhancement Stone, Reidentify Prophecy Scroll and a Random Card Pack.
  • Daily Login Event – In celebration of the first major update, Kritika Global players can participate in a daily login event until July 20 and earn rewards by logging into the game. Players can also participate in a mini slot event, where they can claim special prizes based on their mini game participation.
  • Diamond Auction – The update also introduces The Diamond Auction, where players can trade in-game currency called Diamonds, which can be converted to C2X token. Level-up rewards and daily missions have also been improved. Additional information on the Diamond Exchange via C2X platform can be found here.
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