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Knight Age Continues Sharing The Love

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Joymax is continuing the “season of affection” by extending its Valentine’s themed events until March 5.

This month’s in-game quest story is “Stop the Sneaking Trafficker’s Trading.”  According to intelligence, traffickers are planning to smuggle chocolates to Amarath merchants and trafficker’s chocolate trade cart departs every hour. It’s up to players to block trafficker’s trading and earn sweet rewards.

Other events include “Please Give Chocolates to My Prince” and “Be My Valentine,” both with great gifts for players who participates. Give Hearts for a chance to win Belford Pupa and Hagen Pupa, or invite friends for extra bonuses when they join you in game.

Knight Age’s official Facebook page is also hosting an event rewarding all players with a Quadruple EXP event when it reaches 30,000 Likes.

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