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Kings and Legends Launches Ascension Update

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Kings and Legends, the unique card-based, free2play browser title, today launched its much-anticipated major content update complete with all-new cards and exciting tournament modes. Players will challenge the forces of evil in an all-new action-packed PvE tournament: Ascension Tower where they must face action-packed battles like never before! Experience this latest Kings and Legend update now at

The new tournament system will release the first of its exciting tournaments in the following weeks where players must compete in intense PvP and PvE action with similar decks. New cards, including both Human and Elf, also make their debut and feature new abilities that give a fresh tactical advantage and challenge to the game.

“Kings and Legends blends elements of CCG, strategy and RPG elements together in a really unique way,” said Liam Doherty, Community Manager for Kings and Legends. “This new PvE Ascension Tower, and the subsequent tournaments that will follow in the coming weeks, is really what is going to set this game apart and we look forward to the community feedback.”

To celebrate the latest update, Kings and Legends will host an Easter event featuring an exclusive limited-edition card, “Mynx Hammershock,” beginning March 28th. Players will collect Easter eggs and then exchange them for the exclusive card over a four day period. This is a limited-time item so players have a mere four days to get their hands on the card. With the new update players can also get their first stat-boosting mounts and open all-new types of booster packs containing the many new cards!

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